Explore the galaxy

When starting a new game in Galactic Crew, a random galaxy is procedurally generated for you to explore. There are asteroid fields which can be used to mine rare resources, space stations that offer great deals every day and many solar systems that can be explored.

Whenever you enter a solar system a random event occurs. This can be anything from meeting a civilian merchant or a prospecting miner to space pirates and abandoned vessels which can offer mysteries, dangers and a lot of treasures.


Exploring an entire galaxy does not only offer many rewards, it can also be very dangerous. Therefore, it is important to have a spaceship you can rely on and a crew you can trust. Each spaceship has one ore more slots for turrets, like military laser turrets or civilian mining lasers. By using powerful laser weapons for your attacks and using strong shield generators for your defense, you can successfully fight the dangers of the outer space.

However, some enemies will have advanced equipment like teleporters to teleport their boarding crews directly into your ship. Make sure, your crew is well-trained to counter such attacks. When you want to play a more aggressive role like being a space pirate by yourself, you can use the same technology to board enemy vessels!

Customize spaceship layout

You can play different roles in Galactic Crew, like space pirate, merchant or explorer and you can play each of these roles in your own unique way. Since there are many ways to play Galactic Crew you should have every freedom to customize your spaceship.

There are small pieces of equipment like shield generators, reactors and teleporters, medium-sized rooms like crew quarters, officer quarters, thrusters, botanical gardens or the cockpit and there are also large rooms like storage rooms. Each room has its use own purpose in the game. Shield generators provide extra shield strength that comes in handy when you face some evil pirates. Generators provide the energy that is required by all ship systems. Crew and officer quarters offer living space for your crew, etc.

Every spaceship has its own unique floor plan and room layout with rooms of different sizes. However, it is up to you how you use them! Whenever you are next to a space station, you can retrofit your spaceship by changing the rooms or the equipment. Create the spaceship YOU want to fly!

Explore planets

During your exploration of the galaxy you will have many opportunities to explore the planets of the solar systems you visit. There are many different planets to explore like ancient ruins, medieval villages, post-apocalyptic pirate outposts or alien mining facilities. Each planet offers you additional quests, loots and opportunities to continue your own custom saga.

The only thing you need for planetary explorations is a crew and a teleporter on your ship. Once you have this piece of equipment you are ready to discover the planets' treasures!

Explore dungeons

You can also explore the hidden underground facilities and dungeons. Equip your crew with the best equipment and start raiding pirate bases, fight-off zombie-infested facilities or explore the myths of ancient ruins guarded by large beasts.

Create your own saga

When you create a new game of Galactic Crew you are not only selecting a character and give him a name, but you start your very own saga. By choosing one of many professions like space pirate, merchant or explorer you create the path you want to go.

However, you can further customize the game and the gameplay by using bonus options. The bonus cards can be earned only through playing the game, there won't be any form of in-game store or any kind of micro-transactions! There is a large set of achievements in the game. Whenever you achieve one of the goals, you get rewarded with bonus cards, new professions, ships or playable races! They might also unlock new goals in the achievement tree.

Additional achievements und unlockable items will be added in the next months.

Galactic Crew