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Based in Offenburg, Germany

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September, 2017





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Galactic Crew is a roguelike sci-fi game that takes place in a galaxy far away. You start the game as a captain of a small spaceship, with only a few crew members and limited resources. During your journey through outer space, you will meet merchants, miners, scientists and notorious pirates. You will need to trade goods and resources to upgrade your ship and to get better equipment for you and your crew. Equip your ship with a teleporter to explore different types of planets and underground dungeons. Talk with scientists about their work, trade with merchants, rescue crashed pilots, fight raiders and vicious beasts or gather resources to craft new items.


In 2015, I started developing a game engine and a small game as a hobby besides my job working as a team leader and product manager for a software company. As time passed, the game engine got better and more powerful and also the game got bigger and bigger. By the end of 2016, I quitted my job to found my own company - Benjamin Rommel Games. At the end of September 2017, the game was released on Steam as an Early Access title. New content updates are coming on a weekly or two-weekly basis, bringing new features, planets, dungeons and game mechanics to Galactic Crew.


Explore a galaxy

When starting a new game, an entire galaxy is procedurally generated for you to explore. Mine asteroid fields to gather resources, trade with merchants, get missions from space stations, upgrade your ship at shipyards, explore new galaxies with jump gates, explore planets with your crew or raid underground dungeons.

While travelling through the galaxy, you will meet random encounters and some of them want to harm you. Make sure your ship is well-armed and your crew is well-equipped!

Ship customization

All 12 playable spaceships have their own layout. Retrofit your spaceship at any space station or shipyard by replacing rooms, equipping drones and improving your weapon turrets. More than 25 different rooms are available to customize your ship. You can have everything from simple rooms like engines, generators and crew quarters to tactical rooms like teleporters, shield generators and drone boosters. Use rooms like item processors or botanical gardens to even produce your own goods and items!

Mining drones can be used to improve the mining yield of your ship, while combat drones and shield drones give you a great advantage in space combat. Various weapon turrets in different sizes and special abilities are available to arm your spaceship.

Explore planets and dungeons

During your exploration of the galaxy you will have many opportunities to explore the planets of the solar systems you visit. There are many different planets to explore like ancient ruins, medieval villages, post-apocalyptic pirate outposts or alien mining facilities. Each planet offers you additional quests, loots and opportunities to continue your own custom saga.

You can also explore the hidden underground facilities and dungeons. Equip your crew with the best equipment and start raiding pirate bases, fight-off zombie-infested facilities or explore the myths of ancient ruins guarded by large beasts.

Game customization

When starting a new game, you can customize your game by selecting a spaceship, an avatar, a profession and bonus cards. Depending on your selection these bonus cards can improve your ship’s strength, add more objects to the galaxy, alter game mechanics or add story lines! You can add multiple story lines to create your own custom campaign!

Only a small fraction of these cards are available when starting the game for the very first time. You can unlock all of them by getting achievements. Play the game and you will unlock more content!

Explore planets and dungeons

There are over 100 different handcrafted dungeons to raid and over a dozen planets wait for your exploration. These explorations range from meeting scientists at archaeological sites, scrapyards and weapon smuggler outposts to medieval villages, mining outposts and crash sites guarded by large monsters.

Galactic Crew